About the commission

1. Background

A group of six publishing and broadcasting companies and organisations – Bonnier, MTG Sweden, Schibsted Sweden, Mittmedia, Bauer Group and Tidningsutgivarna1 – have agreed to establish a Public Service Broadcasting Commission. Gunnar Strömblad has been named as Chairperson and will lead the work of the Commission. The following people have been named as Commissioners: Hans-Gunnar Axberger, Agneta Dreber, Mikaela Valtersson and Pelle Snickars.

Public Service Broadcasters have a very strong position in Sweden. At the same time, there is currently no debate about what is, and what should be, the role of public service broadcasters and how this role should be fulfilled.

Against this background, the Commission will look at how public service broadcast organisations influence the development of the media landscape and propose changes in the regulatory framework, mission and organisation of public service broadcasting. The proposals will aim to create a public service broadcasting model with a clearer mission and fewer market distorting effects.

2. Mission

The Commission will carry out an analysis of how public service broadcasting operates today and present a proposal on how public service broadcasting should operate in the future. The results of this work will be presented in a report. During its operation, the Commission will carry out activities designed to generate attention around the Commission’s work and the issues that it is examining.

3. Terms of Reference

The Commission will examine how the operation and development of public service broadcasting influences the media landscape. The Commission will, in particular, investigate if there are any issues with the current definition, function, regulatory framework and oversight of public service broadcasters. Further, the Commission will deal with questions as to the future form of public service broadcasting against the background of the rapid changes that are occurring in the media environment.

4. Commissioners

The Chairperson of the Commission is Gunnar Strömblad, former Group Director and Chairperson of the publisher, Schibsted, former CEO for Svenska Dagbladet, a leading Swedish daily newspaper, and Aftonbladet, a national tabloid newspaper. Director on several boards, including Hitta.se. Strömblad will lead the work of the Commission.

Other Commissioners are:

Hans-Gunnar Axberger, Professor in Constitutional Law at the Faculty of Law, Uppsala University. He has previously served as Press Ombudsman, Parliamentary Ombudsman and Chairperson of the government Presstödskommittén.
Agneta Dreber, Chairperson of Swedish Radio 2010-2014 and a former member of the pressens opinionsnämnd, an industry oversight group.
Mikaela Valtersson, Deputy CEO for Kunskapsskolan, a provider of education services, and Chairperson for the Swedish Association of Independent Schools, a former Member of the Swedish Parliament and economic spokesperson for the Swedish Green Party.
Pelle Snickars, Professor of Media and Communication Science at Umeå University, former Head of Research at the State Sound and Picture Archive and Head of Research at the National Library of Sweden.

The Commission’s secretariat is staffed by Paues Åberg Communications, which is responsible for project management, the production of reports, external communication, media relations and administration. The Secretary of the Commission is Magnus Wallerå, Director, Paues Åberg Communications, and a former State Secretary for the Centre Party in the Prime Minister’s Office. The Project Leader is Maria Rothzén, Consultant, Paues Åberg.


The final report of the Public Service Broadcasting Commission: PSK-160421-The Future of Public Service Broadcasting – From Analogue Institution to a Digital Function

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